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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Formspring: Themes I'd Love to Shoot

Q: Is there a theme to a shoot that you're always wanted to do but so far have not done. And if you don't mind, the same question about location?

I've been thinking about this a while... I'll need more time to create a definitive 'want to shoot' list... but here are a few ideas I'd love to do...though some are a bit far-fetched :)

Backstage Showgirl - in skimpy diamonte outfit, jewellery, feather tails and huge headress, in front of hollywood make-up mirror

Sparkling - shot in the studio, covered totally in twinkling glitter and small diamontes that catch the light beautifully.

Egyptian Goddess - made up with golden body shimmer and seductive eye make-up, in a sandy egyptian tomb set with candles, treasure, hieroglyphics, shadows, mystery, strong feminity.

Animals - would love to shoot a fairytale scene in a beautiful dress with lots of furry animals, tiny deer, rabbits at my feet, mice in my tumbling knotted hair, ravens bringing me gifts, not as in 'cheesy disney' more like wild, slightly insane broken princess in her enchanted, twisted world.

Walking on Water - finding a shallow lake with perfect still reflection where you could stand still and appear like you were tiptoe on the surface of the water :)

Mermaids - have always fancied doing a mermaid shot, with a beautiful realistic looking tail, full of texture, but very distraught looking out to a stormy sea with tears in my eyes, very emotive and lonely, so that the viewer would wonder what on earth had happened.

Queen Elizabeth - so many people say I should do this, and I'd love to especially being so pale and fair-haired, with blond eyebrows and eyelashes. Love the sumptuous colours and intricate patterns -

Locations... would love to shoot more underwater stuff, work in beautiful mansions, derelict mental asylums, ivy covered ruins, autumnal forest, with huge twisted otherwordly trees, stone statues... I also really like working in bright airy natural light studios as it's soo flattering and pretty to work in that kind of light :)

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