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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Art of Decadence

These images are by Max Operandi with the gorgeous Rebecca Tun, from a our third shoot together in August at his studio in Rushden, which he then added to with beautiful digital backgrounds. They look so luscious!

'Sweet Temptations'

'And Passion Will Survive Among the Ruins'

'Forest Nymph'

'The Art of Decadence'

'Wooed by her Soft Caress'

'Flight of the Nautilus'

I love the harmoneous composition and sensuality of the black and white image, and just had to add the older picture of me riding a shell across the sky as it's so fantasically surreal and makes me smile, taken on our second shoot :-) Prints and postcards are available to buy and a full collection of his work including more of me, Rebecca and loads of other lovely models can be found on red bubble -

Martin Muir (who did the 'Phoenix' edit) also did a great digital version of the third shot, potraying Becky as the devil with me wrapped under her spell, viewable here.


  1. Thanks Holly for posting these are one of the best in your field...a beautiful model and a beautiful person, which shines through in all your images.

    I would like to thank you personally for helping me get to One Million Views on my Redbubble website!

    cheers MaxO xx

  2. Really great stuff. They make me want to phone people and say, "Yeah, look at these photographs!" Your posing is wonderful and your face is full of life. I can see you may have good acting chops. The first photo couldn't be better. The last one, 'Flight of the Nautilus' is less appealing. I'm sure you would agree. Still, this posting kicks butt!

  3. No worries Max, congrats!! :-)

    Thanks Mr Urban Pope, I'm glad you love these images so much, they are done beautifully. I appreciate your comments, and yes I do like the first images even more so than the last, but it's more of a fun one :-) Thanks!

  4. The hands in "Wooded by her Soft Caresses" are just so beautiful. The expressions on your faces are so emotional.
    Great stuff as usual.
    Mike Smith.

  5. Is real your hair color on Forest Nymph??¡¡
    it's view Great¡¡¡¡
    I love the Nautilus fossil, (it's called Amonite) I have a necklace made for me ...


  6. Stunning work as usual Holly, great to see some really classic looking shots, congratulations to you both and the photographer on this excellent set of images.

  7. oh WOW! The fourth one in particular looks like it should be in The National Gallery. Amazing!

  8. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments, really encouraging, and very appreciated. Yes Paul it is fantastic to do very classic images like these.
    Kuervo - it is my natural hair colour but I think the colours overall have been enhanced and brightened in editing to have more richness.