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Friday, 30 April 2010

Oxford Studio & Location Day

I had a fab day working in victorian pub The Cape of Good Hope, last month for one of Studio Blanco's photography events. The studio is situated opposite from the pub and ran a day selling timeslots, giving opportunity for photographers to shoot creatively in 2 great venues. It was very enjoyable and the results were stunning. I'm excited that we will be doing it again very soon - Sunday 23rd May - and with my good friend Madame Bink in the studio! As you may know she is a very experienced model, specialising in artistic nude, with her stunning figure, great poses, gorgeous long flowing hair and striking features. Click here to see more of her work and read her blog here!

Experienced in working together; we will also be available to shoot as a duo at the pub... if you're interested in booking, you can find more details on my Facebook Events Page, and if you'd like to book please get in touch asap - just drop me a message at

The pub venue...

The Studio
...available with black, grey, white and red backdrops, plus a hi-lite background for sillouettes.
Results from the previous shoot...
By Red Checker...

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pre-Raphaelite Dreamer

Gotta post these luscious shots by the young, talented and beautiful Francesca Lever. I spent a lovely day with Francesca, her boyfriend Matt and make-up & hair stylist Leah Mabe, with such gorgeous weather in our idyllic woodland location. Francesca is really inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and I love the modern twist, especially with the second darker look. Leah did an incredible job with the hair (extensions!) we had to use sooo much hair spray, but it was worth it. I felt like a lioness! :)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Afro baby ♥

My new pictures by RVDS - Ruan van der Sande, make-up and hair by Pippa Woods. I absolutely adore them, especially love the second one, I think I look half human half doll. And I adore my afro! Wish I could have it like this all the time :)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Spring is here!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday... bright daffodils, late afternoon sunshine, way too much chocolate - it must be spring!
I hope you like these cute and colourful shots by the lovely Genevieve Jane Nishino, taken at a model day at Arc Studios in Preston last weekend, I love them!
My Mum helped me find the patterned dress when we went on a charity shop hunt for some new bright fashion outfits. It worked really well against the bright high key background, perfect bargain!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

FormSpring: Dancing

FQ: Are you, or were you a trained dancer?

No not properly trained, but I did dance school from age 3 to about 10. That possibly helped me learn some grace for posing now. I don't know how to do proper moves or dance jumps, but I'll have a prance around and do my best :)

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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Performing Bodies

These pictures are from a shoot last summer in Germany with Thorsten Jankowski. I was quite nervous as he's such an amazing photographer and he's worked with so many incredible models pulling such spectacular poses, but he was great to work with and I'm very happy we got to work together.
My aim was to explore and convey more strength and power - the muscles stretching, my skeleton supporting my weight, the strain of pushing my structure, the capture of energy.
I like the masculinity and confrontation in the torso shot, and also the portrait which is more open and vulnerable - would love to know your thoughts though, please feel free to comment.
You can see more of Thorsten's work at his website (I'm also in 'Performing Bodies' and 'Outdoor Nudes')

FormSpring: Model Name

Q: How did you come up with your model name?

I wanted a literal description of my pale skin and red hair, but also I think it reflects my personality a little. I think of 'ivory' as being cool and calm... to me pale colours feel balanced, and a 'flame' is a symbol of positivity.
I am not the loudest, most confident person around, but I'm quietly strong. A small flame has the power to be a fire :)

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