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Friday, 18 February 2011


Some more gorgeous images from the luxury corset designer Sparklewren- check out her work on her website and sale items on her Etsy site! The yummy photography is by Sean Elliot, I love how he captured the magnificant golds and bronzes around the silky smooth textures and shine of the fabrics. I ended up buying the powder blue underbust corset as I loved it so much, and Madame Bink is now the owner of the full cream lace corset, which I'm sure looks awesomly stunning on her hourglass figure - so she is the lady to go to for gorgeous bridal boudoir!

They remind me of the beautiful Audrey Tautou advert for Chanel...


  1. A lovely post Holly, thank you. I still absolutely adore those mirror shots :-)

    Audrey Tatou is so beautiful and charming... I hope you've seen cute little French film "Priceless"?

  2. I haven't Jenni, only seen Amelie & A Very Long Engagement... will have to order it from my lovefilm.

    Yes the mirror shots are lushious, the tones and detail are just fab, roll on the next shoot - not long!!! :-)

  3. I had to come see with "chocolat" attached to this... not disappointed! Such beautiful romantic imagery. You are amazing, Miss Flameh! And now I think I'll sit in front of the computer and do some work while sipping on some "chocolat" :) <3<3<3<3

  4. Wonderful mirror shots. You just get better and better. I love Audrey Tatou.

  5. If there was ever a set of images I wish I had taken it is these, they are gorgeous :-)