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Friday, 2 December 2011

A Rose in the Arches

From a very chilly shoot at Balcombe Viaduct during my time down in Sussex a few weeks ago, with the lovely Dave Mansi, and friend Peter. Great location! Bbrr but blimey it was cold!
It's the beautiful undernealth of a railway bridge which takes the trains from Brighton to London and much photographed, but I was very glad to be captured with it's amazing structure, built in 1841, the huge arches of which are like stepping into mirrors within mirrors with the tunnel illusion they create. And I had another shoot there a few days after, with later time & lighting giving it a completely different look. Luckily both times we had a spotter to look out for walkers :-) It was strange & funny to be posing and hearing trains roaring past way up above me.


  1. what a brilliant photograph

  2. Great color, great location, great idea.
    I love the combination of technology and humanity.

  3. Love the way you "sink" into the curve of this shot. Spectacular shot!!

  4. such a beautiful photo of both you and that wonderful Architecture too

  5. Elegant structure. Elegant Model. Elegant Photo. Lovely.

  6. Beautiful image, Holly. You don't look cold though, so compliments to your professionalism!

  7. I love how your red hair picks up the colour in the brick work... I have to say how much I love reading your blog - it is always so inspiring !
    Hope your well,

  8. This is very striking - my first impression seeing the preview was of a Gigereque background. The near horizontal leg and the shape created between is fantastic. BTW Holly, did you all have to get a platform ticket..?

  9. love how the burnt coloured bricks pull out your hair colour :D

  10. I'm an italian artist and I realized a post in my blog about you and your photos.
    I find that the photos are incredibly sensual and sophisticated.