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Saturday, 31 December 2011


Some fantastic, weeeird & wonderful images from yesterday's shoot - thanks to Terry Joslin! Taken at KV Media Studios, using the idea of light painting in his own way. He has already shot Madame Bink with this technique and wanted to try it out some more. Some of the images Terry did the lighting, others were a mixture of us both and some I was left to my own devices with the torch, which was great and allowed me to be so expressive with possible ideas for each exposure... but the beauty of it was the spontaneity and element of chance and surprise, as we waited whilst the large raw file 'developed' each shot to reveal it's magic.

It was like some strange representation of a soul or creature was being created every time, a glimpe into a psyche, my own or something else that crept in and materialised into the frame. I found it creepy and enthralling. They remind me so strongly of Francis Bacon's distorted paintings of blurred faces and strange twisted bodies, but also cyborgs, alien abduction, ghostly movies, split personality, identity... I bet people can see lots of different interpretations in them. Such a cool idea - thinking outside the box. The great thing about this job is the huge mix of styles I get to be a part of, but I do really love getting into the more conceptual ideas, involving movement, expression, spirit, emotion... it's a type of work you have to loosen yourself up for, to really let go and allow things to evolve, and is really rewarding to collaborate on. I hope I get to do lots more work of experimental themes in 2012. Very inspiring. Enjoy these!! Let me know what you think :-)

As 2011 draw to a close, I hope everyone can look forward to what 2012 brings. I know it's just another day, but I am definately in the clan of New Year fans and really enjoy the reflection and positivity it can represent. A few of my 'resolutions' as such are to keep up with some of the better habits I picked up on this year; enjoying more regular exercise, eating well & gloriously nutriously (like more yummy soups!!), trying new crafts and remembering to be 'present' and appreciative in each day and task.

I'm gonna TRY to keep up with a diary, but a simpler version... just writing 3 things each day (idea helped by Miss Ella Rose, Queen of resolutions!)...
Something I'm grateful for
Something I did that I didn't want to do,
& Something that inspired me.
Also do more of my own photography more often, and start a Tumblr page for a 366 day iPhone Photography type thingy :-)

And I've been fairly stationary the last 2 years, only modelling in the UK and a bit in Holland, so more travel for modelling and general seeing the wonderful world is needed - more of Europe that I haven't seen yet, since it's so damn close really, and beyond!! :-D
So well I suppose that's quite a few, I know they say it's better to focus on one thing, but I'm just not that kind of girl :-) and I think they are an achievable and rewarding list of ideas. Wooo! Exciting.

Have a fab New Year!! I will be merry & dancing at midnight I hope!! ;-)
and may it bring you all a great 2012!! xxx

Friday, 30 December 2011

Slope & Curve

Some beautiful images from my last shoot with Eric Kellerman. As always the quality that his work has, especially the abstract bodyscapes, just blows me away. The last shot in particular, so structural, like a moulded clay sculpture, but so organic, always seemingly living and breathing through the picture. I just think they are so inspiring, to view the nude body as a form that can be captured so uniquely, when you really look and see and open your mind.
I have some more 'box nudes' to post too, and Eric sent me some postcards that advertise his new book that's coming out in 2012... more to come soon :-)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

I'm festively sharing some beautiful new images by the wonderful Karen Jones, with a gorgeous icy look, taken at my Winter Wonderland studio day at KV Media Studios last week. We had so many ideas and once again took time to perfect the make-up, outfits and lighting to get the best pictures; snow queen, black swan, sleeping beauty, snow princess... we had loads of fun styling the shots together and I adore the images! Thank you so much Karen! :-)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful time & see you in the New Year :-)

Holly xxx

Monday, 19 December 2011

Wedding Storry

I had such an enjoyable day last month working with the delightful Aaron Storry shooting bridal fashion in the grounds of Paris House, an amazing restaurant located in the Woburn estate in Bedfordshire. It was right next to a deer park, so we got to see some beautiful white deer nearby too. Luckily it wasn't too cold, but the late November light was beautiful for unique & interesting shots.

I had a new full length wedding dress with gorgeous embroidery & a long train that I wanted to try out, and the bouquet was supplied by Daisy Chain Florists, which looks lovely especially with the orange belt on my other bridal dress and lace parasol. We had a good time trying out different make-up, props and accessories together, and I love the fresh, quirky and personal feel to the images, we really had fun shooting these :-)

Aaron is absolutely brilliant to work with, and if anyone is reading and needs a photographer for their own or a friend's wedding, seriously this guy is not only an extremely talented, imaginative and innovative, but also a lovely person to work with and to be around - so easy going and upbeat. He helped direct me with encouragement and genuine, infectious passion for his work, and I felt I could be 100% myself.

Check out more of his work on his website and blog! ~

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bold, Funky & Colourful!

A few weeks ago I organised a day of 1-to-1 timeslots at my local studio, KV Media in Chesham, the theme for which I decided to be 'Bold & Colourful' - anything eyecatching, edgy, cute & quirky! I love getting booked for my more romantic, classic looks but I also always enjoy doing something a bit different so this was an extra good excuse for me to go to town scouring ebay & the highstreet for new outfits, jewellery and accessories, as well as mix in some of the items in my wardrobe I hadn't had much chance to use yet. I gotta say it was one of the best modelling days ever - my 3 photographers were so much fun! The focus was more so on quality rather than quantity, discussing ideas and concepts beforehand and taking time to get the styling right, reviewing images together and perfecting the lighting... it was great collaborating and playing around with my make-up & hair styling :-) I really had such a blast, and left the studio totally buzzing at the end of the day! Here are some of the results, a mixture of fashion, nudes & beauty images - thank you to Gordon, Claire & Neil for sharing your brilliant work! :-)

By Gordon Fraser
Black feather attitude & pirate fashion!...

By Claire Steele
Alice in Wonderland...

Classic Nudes...
(ok so these are more my normal romantic style but still so nice!)

Golden Queen

By Neil Attard
Amber Feather Headshots...

Hair-flicking movement...

Sleek semi-nudes & beauty shots with my ponytail extensions...
I love this look!!

And some lovely soft, warm-toned portraits to finish!! :-)

What awesome results!!

I'm planning more studio days like this in the new year, including some on weekends as well as weekdays so keep your eyes peeled for events at the top of my blog, and make sure to 'like' my Facebook Page for news & updates... and of course please don't hesitate to email me directly if you're interested in booking me for a shoot! ~