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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hey everyone.... it's a long while since I blogged but I've had a lot of things on, mainly a long, busy and extremely productive trip away in a suprisingly hot and sunny Scotland, which got me into a bit of a backlog of communications, and also having some down time around Easter visiting my family, going to some weddings, catching up with friends and spending time at home.

But as a make up for going a bit awol, I've caught up with my emails and blogs and will be posting a new lot of images every day for the next...14 days!! Yup a new snippet of Ivory Flame coming to your piece of internetland every day for the next 2 weeks... :-) My committed mini gift to you blog followers who keep logging in :-)

For tonight I'm posting some beautiful images taken by a photographer I've worked with many times now; Keith Cooper (who will be getting a website some time this year so I can finally link you to more of his lovely work!).
These were from my model day at the new Film Photo Studios in Cheltenham in March, where photographers could try out the backdrops and equipment available at this exciting new space, which features 2 large rooms full of different sets, furniture & props (and an amazing overhead heating system for cold days!). We had such an enjoyable & productive time we booked in another full day shoot there which is next week, to explore some of the concepts we were working with more.

Keith takes a lot of inspiration from classical artists, pre-raphaelite painters, illustrators and sculptors... resulting in his images often being filled with luxurious colour, flowing shapes and delicious texture. He always has an interesting list of ideas to get our imaginations in gear and having worked together a lot now we are able to just go with the flow and see what works best. We're both so passionate at creating beautiful images and get so excited when we hit on something lush! Not only is Keith a complete professional and a gentleman, he is also so encouraging and complimentary of me as a model and artist, which always helps to make me 'glow' and feel extra creative and beautiful. I really adore this set, using a wind machine with flowing organza fabrics, which was inspired by drawings and figurines featuring movement and emotion in the female form. I love how the light and material wraps around my body and captures me like a little living statue.
We also took these below on the chaise lounge... sleepy classical nudes, that really show off my pale skin against the shimmering reds and terracottas. We were both so proud and happy with the pictures from this day. And I will be posting some more from the shoot soon :-)

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!
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  1. I'm getting tired of telling you how great I think your work is. :)

  2. you are an amazing model, love the pics

  3. Outstanding work here and nice to find out what you are doing, as I have said the the past and is proved by the pictures you ae one ofthe best models in the United Kingdom.

  4. Thank you!

    And thanks so much Paul, really hope you're well! :-) x