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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello Hello Baby

These are some very funky fashion photos by the talented Marta Bevacqua from our day shoot in London... this is the same day we did the Lady of the Lake pictures in the flowing green dress.
Whilst we were walking to our red telephone box location, a couple of the assistants spotted Tim Burton walking along with Helena Bonham Carter and their children, unfortunately I didn't see which is shame as she I think she definately would have approved of my outfit :-) The make up is by Dominique Heslop and amazing styling by Anna Karenina!


  1. These shots are awesome! I love the contrast of the red phone box with the dark dress and your pale skin. Really stunning. Such a shame you didn't see Tim Burton, he'd have given you a role on the spot!

    Becky x

  2. love this set, great colours and contrast.
    Rich x

  3. very nice look and a diverse styling that shows your versatility! Great job! Alexis

  4. Fantastic! One of the best photographs I've seen of you Holly. Amazing dress and the photographer got really nice tones :)