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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hotel Rouge

And more from the same room, by J E Vos again... my pale skin, red curls and scarlet lips seem to stand out nicely against the light olive wall and dark wood bed frame. Love the natural light! :-)

Hazy Dreams

Photographed by J E Vos in a London hotel room... for these images he used the large window as a big high-key background, with the bright light shining through the delicate detail of my top and on to my skin. I love the switch between blur and focus, which seems to give them an intimate, slow and dreamy feel.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunlight to Warm the Soul

Such beautiful weather this week, lovely! Hopefully it will stay around so I can have a few more location shoots soon :-)

I've had an interesting couple of weeks recently, including doing a live 8 minute art dance performance in the grounds of a London university. It was for a student's project, hired as part of her choreography assessment symbolising birth and death, out in the open, in the gardens... fully nude, and infront of teachers, students & passers by. To a classical music piece, I emerged from an abstract sponge vagina, made a baby with flour & water, attached it to my pregnant belly, danced & twirled around with joy & suffering, and then died on the grass. No video or pics I'm afraid... you'll just have to imagine it. But it was nerve-racking, liberating and exhilerating! I can't say that when I was working hard as a quiet, shy student at school, this is what I imagined earning my living would entail, but there you go, you surprise yourself! :-)

I then had a lovely weekend modelling for the Disabled Photographic Society annual AGM in Pitstone, right near Aylesbury where I live, which was a really fun day and I got to meet some great people. And I already got booked for their next meeting in May 2013 which is a bit of an honour. How cool to be asked back so much in advance! I've been sent some very nice images so I'll add a few here soon.

And I just had another great time working up in Chesterfield way, for 2 studio days at Barlow Studio, shooting with quite a few new photographers as well as others I have worked with before, which involved latex dresses, paper scenery, pre-raphaelite gowns, candlelight and interesting shadows shapes. Should be back there some time in August... if you're interested keep your eye on my 'Travel & Events' list at the top of the blog.
I had a great start to the week on Monday as although I was staying in a cheapie room, the hotel has a pool, so I enjoyed a lovely peaceful swim before work. I had a fab journey home too... so enjoyable driving around at this time of year - gorgeous yellow fields, misty evening haze, bright orange yolk of sun bathing everything in warm glow... windows down, music up. Love those moments when you think 'wow, this is a good life.'

Anyway... I need to get to work on updating you with some new pictures. These ones were taken by wonderful John McNairn on my trip to Scotland when we had that lovely heatwave then, in March! How lush does that sea look?? (ok maybe the water wasn't warm but the sun definitely was!) But really, SUCH beautiful pictures, wow! Thank you John :-)

I'll try and keep remembering to feed my Facebook Page with updates and things... remember to 'like' it if you're on there - thank you! :-)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Walls of the Forest

Photography today by Brendan Gara, who shoots with an array of beautiful old film cameras and handmade lenses. I've worked with Brendan twice before (see blog post here) but this was his first outdoor location shoot, in the forests not far from his house in Lockerbie in Scotland. Brendan's idea was to work with the notion of 'märchen', the German word for fairytales or 'wonder tale' - stories that may have a dark or supernatural element, as well as good, which really fitted our location's mood.

The forest we went to was very quiet with not a soul around, occassionally a short, light rain shower, and then it would brighten up again, illuminating the path leading through. Ragged furry moss covered the tree's bark, their long thin bodies running up so high above, spikey seeds and pines dug in my barefeet on the damp earth floor, the cool air fresh on my skin, lace-like plants wet and delicate on my fingertips, and as I lay amongst twigs and leaves looking upward, tiny rain droplets from the canopy, descended down like falling stars in my vision, landing softly in my eyes and face. These are the sometimes uncomfortable but often beautiful delights when working in this pure way with nature.
At the end of our shoot the weather suddenly dramatically changed, a really eerie breeze and presence whisking through the trees above and around, getting louder and louder, such a strange sound, as the skies darkened above... it was a good time for us to exit, just about reaching the car before the heavens opened!

We really love how these shots came out. To me there is something fascinating but very unsettled about them. Would love to hear your opinions if you get chance :-)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Light & Shimmer

Great set of varied results from a shoot I had the other week in Essex with the lovely Richard Toplis... steampunk inspired fashion and green shimmer nudes in the studio, followed by rustic and colourful portraits (also featuring an additional ginger poser!) Awesome! :-)

(He's totally doing Blue Steel ... nice paw posing!)